Our quality instruction and comprehensive class notes create a premium workshop experience. Workshops include morning and late afternoon/evening shooting combined with classroom instruction each day.

It doesn't matter where you find yourself in the world of photography; whether you need to enhance your technical knowledge and skills or need help with composition, whether this is all new to you or you're a seasoned veteran. Our maximum ratio of seven-to-one participants-to-instructor ensures you'll get the attention you want.

Classroom topics include: light, exposure, composition, workflow and image optimization (using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop), HDR and Pano techniques, artificial lighting techniques, equipment, and getting the most out of your camera. That, and a whole lot more.

Each workshop, we set aside time to review and give an honest, thorough critique of your work. Digital technology allows us to review daily work but we do encourage you to bring samples from your existing body of work. Our goal is to critique six to eight images per participant. In addition to classroom instruction, we provide one-on-one instruction in the field and perform demonstrations on classroom topics.

Unless noted, all workshops begin on Wednesdays at 6:30PM, end Sunday between 9:00 and 10:00AM and are limited to 14 participants (two instructors). 

When there is only one space left and subject to venue restrictions, we reserve the right to accept a registration from couples travelling together and, in this case only, will exceed the maximum participation.

Instructor's personal photography during workshops is minimal but, without exception, our participants are our primary focus and priority.

Travel & Lodging

Unless noted, tuition and fees do not include travel, lodging, transportation or meals. We encourage you to make your lodging reservations directly and as soon as possible after you register. Blocks of rooms have been set aside for us but unsold rooms are released usually 30 days prior to the event.  So, waiting until the last minute is risky in terms of both room and group rate availability.

We also encourage car-pooling to minimize the number of vehicles at any given site. We’ll assist in coordinating carpools the first evening of the event.

Itinerary / Agenda
Thirty to forty-five days before your workshop, you'll receive a preliminary itinerary/agenda and suggestions on dress, equipment and anything else we have on our mind and, ten days before, a PDF copy of our 48-page "Class Notes" — to our knowledge, one of the most comprehensive set of notes available anywhere.

Physical demands
We want you to have an enjoyable experience and any non-stop activity can be exhausting. Because we're out very early and go out again in the late afternoon and stay out late, we always find a point in the day to take a rest break. Further, none of our events involve strenuous activity such as long hikes, steep climbs, etc. With few exceptions, most of your shooting will be within one-quarter mile of where you park your vehicle.

We provide discounts from a continuously expanding list of suppliers/manufacturers including Alien Skin, Topaz, Singhray, Lensbaby, UPStrap, Gura Gear, Photo Mechanic and others. A list of discount codes is provided in our class notes.